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Web Design Agency or Freelancer? Pros & Cons

It’s proven that a well-designed website not only enhances your visibility but also significantly boosts brand recognition. As a result, it presents opportunities for higher return on your investment. When it is time to start your website design, the first question you’ll be asking yourself is whether to engage a web design agency or find yourself a freelancer. When deciding, consider that there are pros and cons to each. So, how do you know which one is right for you?

Scroll down to discover the benefits and downfalls of each partnership.

Freelance Web Designer

Freelancers are self-employed skilled individuals who design websites for their clients.

Pros of Hiring a Freelancer


Choosing between a web design agency and a freelancer often boils down to affordability, particularly for startups with limited budgets. A startup might opt for a freelancer initially to get a website up and running quickly, planning to engage a web design agency for a redesign later on. When you engage a freelancer for your website project, you’re essentially hiring one individual to handle all aspects of the job. This means there are no overhead costs or expenses related to additional staff, unlike with web design agencies. Freelancers usually structure their pricing in one of two ways: hourly rates or per-project fees. Hourly rates entail paying for the actual time spent.

Direct Communication

Opting for a freelancer streamlines communication since you are interacting with just one individual. When you inquire about the progress of your project, you’ll receive a direct response, unlike with a web design agency, where updates may require internal discussions among team members. With a freelancer handling your project, they serve as your sole point of contact throughout the process.


With only one individual managing the project, a freelancer can complete the website faster than a web design agency. Without a team to consult or collaborate with, freelancers make decisions independently. This autonomy allows them more flexibility, leading to quicker website development.

Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

Limited Skil

A major disadvantage of hiring a freelancer instead of a web design agency is that you are confined to the skills and resources of the single individual handling your project. It’s unrealistic to expect one person to be proficient in all areas. Unlike professional web design agencies, which have teams of specialists with expertise in different aspects like design, coding, or development, freelancers perform all tasks on their own.

Low Quality

A freelancer’s interest is earning a profit, whereas a web design agency prioritises its reputation and customer satisfaction. Freelancers often aim to complete projects quickly so they can move on to securing their next client to sustain their livelihood. Unfortunately, this could potentially impact the quality of their work. It’s important to note that once your website is launched, you might not receive ongoing support from the freelancer, as they are not obligated to provide it like a web design agency is.

Web Design Agency

A professional web design agency specialises in creating and designing websites. These agencies typically employ teams of web designers and developers tasked with creating and managing websites for their clients.

Pros of Hiring a Web Design Agency

A Highly Professional Team

Web design agencies provide a team of highly skilled and well-versed individuals who are experts at their craft. With a diverse skill set, they can readily accommodate the varied needs of their clients. The collaborative effort within the team ensures that clients receive top-notch service and expertise. Entrusting your project to a web design agency guarantees you’re in capable hands. For those seeking a highly proficient, meticulously designed website that drives sales growth, opting for a web design agency is the way to go. Web design agencies often excel in digital marketing, offering a wide array of services beyond website design. Their expertise allows them to go above and beyond, providing marketing solutions tailored to clients’ needs. The aim of the team is to keep you, the client, happy.


Web design agencies have a plethora of resources readily available to elevate their clients’ websites. Unlike freelancers, agencies have a host of in-house resources that make them better equipped to accommodate the specific needs of clients. Whether integrating new web applications or operating systems, a web design agency is going to deliver optimal results. Hiring a web design agency provides access to cutting-edge technological tools that enhance the functionality and appeal of every website. This further explains why web design agencies typically charge higher fees than freelancers. Despite the higher cost, partnering with a web design agency grants access to the tools and resources needed to optimise the best website for your business.

Cons of Hiring a Web Design Agency


Hiring a web design agency will be more costly than hiring a freelancer. However, consider this expenditure as a one-time investment crucial for avoiding future hassle. The fees charged by agencies reflect the expertise of the skilled professionals working on the project, who need to be compensated accordingly. While agencies can be costly, you are sure to get your money’s worth. Typically, ongoing assistance with your website will be free of charge as part of the agency’s commitment to customer service.

Communication Challenges 

Collaborating with a web design agency entails active participation in the interactive communication process with the team. This involves communicating your preferences, specifying required changes to the website, and reviewing the design. When you consider all the details that need to be ironed out so you are receiving exactly what you requested, there are bound to be instances of miscommunication. However, a reputable agency will be adaptable to the changes you request. So, now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of both, you can decide which one best fits your objectives. If you’re a start-up with a limited budget, then a freelancer might be the more viable option for you at this time. But if you are a well-established business and want a high-quality web design, then consider choosing a web design agency to deliver you a powerful result. You might want to read their reviews and take a look at their portfolio before choosing an agency

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