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The Rise of Micro-Influencers: Strategies for Effective Collaboration

Social media influencers have proven to be extremely powerful in the marketing world. They have proven that they have significant sway over consumers’ decisions. Nowadays, we can see a rise of a new type of influencer- the “micro-influencer”. So, who exactly are these rising stars and what makes them so effective at marketing? Micro-influencers are those who have a smaller audience, but their audience is highly engaged. They have established themselves in the realm of social media influencers by building a reputation for being authentic and an expert on particular topics. Typically, a micro-influencer is categorised by having between 1,000 to 50,000 loyal followers.

If you want to gain exposure in a niche market and boost sales, read on to see how you can leverage these influencers who have such a strong prominence in the digital marketing landscape. 

Sometimes, smaller is better. 

The reason why businesses and brands have started collaborating with mico-influencers is because they provide advertising benefits, which influencers of other magnitudes do not. These benefits include; 
  1. Higher Engagement: Micro-influencers have a higher engagement ratio than macroinfluencers, even more so than celebrity influencers, as they have invested time and effort into creating a community, not just a following. Within their niche community, they are seen as much more authentic than macro-influencers.
  2. Targeted Audience: Micro-influencers have done a great job establishing themselves as experts or highly knowledgeable about specific topics. When they are recommending a product or service to their followers, their followers trust that they are delivering a qualified and informed opinion. Their followers are more likely to trust their recommendations over macro social media influencers.
  3. Affordability: As opposed to macro-influencers, micro-influencers are much more budget-friendly. Invest your marketing budget wisely by engaging with a highly targeted
    audience and avoid those astronomical fees of influencers with a million++ followers.
  4. Long-term Relationship: Building a long-term working relationship with a microinfluencer is a great way to create ongoing endorsement and an authentic relationship
    with a collaborative partner.   

How Can You Collaborate? 

  1. Search your Instagram Followers list: You cannot engage just any micro-influencer. First, assess your followers and contact the ones who align with your brand for an
    effective collaboration. Usually, you do not need to look too far to find a micro-influencer who is industry-relevant, just check your followers list! Typically, micro-influencers are already following businesses they are interested in and would like to collaborate with. You can do a quick key terms search within your Followers tab to populate followers who have associated Instagram handles or bios. Searching for specific hashtags is also an easy way to find influencers within your community.
  2. Consult and engage an influencer agency: An influencer marketing agency’s sole purpose is to connect businesses with the right, industry-specific influencers. Think of
    them as the middleman. These agencies will draft and manage the campaigns between the business and the influencer, set goals for the business, and oversee the influencer. They also take care of the contractual matters and payments.  
  3. Utilise search engines: With the rise of micro-influencers came the myriad of articles and websites dedicated to helping locate specific influencers. For example, a quick search of “skincare micro-influencers” is going to populate a plethora of search results containing the profiles of influencers within a niche industry. There are even influencer search tools available, such as Upfluence and HypeAuditor. 
  4. Collaborate with numerous micro-influencers for coordinated campaigns: The best strategy to cover all bases is to engage more than one micro-influencer. As the costs of collaboration are low, it is advantageous to engage multiple micro-influencers and organise for them to start promoting around the same time. This way, the more instances people see your ad, the more likely they are to act upon their curiosity or interest by engaging with the post. As a result, you have created a substantial impact with these coordinated campaigns. 
If you are interested in engaging a social media influencer but found it too pricey, or you simply want to test the waters with a low-risk option. Jump on this digital marketing trend today by engaging a micro-influencer for advertising collaboration. Whether you implement these strategies yourself or outsource with an influencer agency, using micro-influencers will enhance your brand awareness and drive sales.