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The Benefits of Setting Up Google My Business

You’ve seen it before, but maybe you didn’t know what it was called. Google My Business (GMB) is something every business owner should familiarise themselves with. GMB is a local business listing that Google displays on the right-hand side of the search engine. It provides specific business information to the searcher as Google is assuming this is what they are looking for. GMB is there to provide convenience to the searcher, making locating a particular business quick and easy. It instantly provides the search with a link to your website, operational hours, business location and much more. This platform is free-to-use, so there are no risks associated with familiarizing yourself with this strategy. 

      Appear in Google Maps Searches 

GMB is one of the best strategies for boosting your business local presence. How many times have you searched up a company and been relieved when you find out they are close by. Keeping your business information up to date gives you an upper hand against your competition as you’ll show up in the local search results. By creating a GMB listing, the updated business information you provide is populated in Google Maps. Your business will show up in the Local Pack section which can bring new customers to your door. Think of how many companies that you know of that are already using a GMB. The next time someone searches for a mortgage broker, restaurant or anything in-between, your business can pop up!

      Appear in Google’s Local Pack & Increase Engagement 

The Local Pack, as previously mentioned, is a strategy used to attract new business as your information appears in a section called the Local Pack. This is globally considered an ‘elite’ section of Google’s local searches. Large and small businesses across the globe implement all available SEO tactics to boost their local rankings and get into the Local Pack. Creating a GMB can quickly increase your odds of entering this elite section of Google. To rank higher in results, you must provide Google with your most current information. The more information you provide Google, the more information can reach your customers. By updating your GMB profile, Google will rank you higher in results. What makes Local Pack so desirable is that it enables your business to appear on Google Maps before any organic results show up. Your potential customers can access your website instantly and book you directly. Statistics report that those who show up in the Local Pack get 700% more clicks. So why not take the time to create a GMB to increase your odds, website traffic and in-turn and most importantly, your sales. 

      Star Ratings & Customer Confidence

We all know the importance and powerful influence of reviews (if you don’t you can click on our last article). Setting up a GMB allows customers to leave star ratings on their experience with you and provide you with genuine feedback. The better the quality of a product or service- the higher your ratings and the more positive your reviews! Showing your customers that you have an actual business location propels your customers’ confidence in making a purchase. As Google is well trusted by people, seeing your business appear in the local search causes a chain reaction of trust and confidence. If you appear in the local search, then your customer knows that Google would have gone through a verification process and posted a business that they can also count on.

      Analytics & Advertising

GMB also offers you an ‘insights’ section which will equip you with a plethora of analytics that breaks down brand visibility, target customers, and the customer’s engagement. This will allow you a chance to hone in on your advertising and marketing strategies. Google My Business is a free form of advertising on Google as your business receives targeted exposure free of charge. It is more time sufficient to create and certify your Google My Business listening than to start a search campaign. Most importantly, it is completely free, fast and straightforward to use. Google advertising achieves efficient and effective results faster than an organic search result. 

GMB is essentially a ‘one-stop-shop, which is why it is so essential every business updates their information to maintain an active account that remains on the map. 

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