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How to Use Instagram for Business and Marketing

Could I find your business on Instagram? 50% of Instagram users say that they use the media platform to discover new brands, and 44% of them use the platform to shop every week. For this reason, every business owner should be on the platform to help grow their business and generate more sales.

Here’s how to use Instagram to take your business to the next level.

      1. Use a Business Account

90% of people on Instagram are following a business, so these are people who will turn into a customer for someone! Switching to a business account has many benefits, such as scheduling posts, insight access, shop features, and control over your product promotions. Once you have created an Instagram account, the second step is to convert it into a business account. You can turn any existing Instagram accounts into business accounts without losing any content.

      2. Penetrate your Target Audience

With insight into your audience demographics, you can gauge who views your page and strategies accordingly. For example, your insights may show you that your viewers are made up of 25-34-year-old males. By identifying your audience, you can better position yourself to target your content to them, as audience research is key to curating your content.

      3. Curate your Content

For your Instagram marketing to be successful, your content needs to be carefully curated so it can achieve the results you are longing for. This means rather than random posts, you schedule your posts and create a theme, achieving a specific “look” for your business. This helps build a brand that is recognisable and attractive to those landing on your page for the first time.

While the content needs to be aesthetically pleasing and follow a specific theme, it must also provide valuable information. This includes sharing insider expertise about your industry, promotional content, and even joining in on a popular trend to maximise your relevance and exposure.

      4. Create Scheduled Posts

An optimised marketing strategy has the upcoming posts for the week figured out ahead of time and scheduled to go live. It’s important to figure out the best possible time for your content to be posted to maximise the eyeballs on your content- according to your target audience. The ideal time to post for your audience can be determined, thanks to insight access!

      5. Track your ROI

Anywhere your time and money go, you want to be able to track how well it’s working for you. With Instagram marketing, it’s easy to track how well your strategy is going, as several analytical tools are available. For example, you can see which posts are performing well and make more like them. The key to this is regularly tracking to see how well your engagement is and what is the increase in the number of views from your followers and beyond your existing follower base is.

If you want to grow your business, start your marketing campaign on a platform with more than 1 billion users. Implement your curated, actionable Instagram strategy and build out a brand that will help you capture more customers.