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How to Grow Your Facebook Business Page Audience and Engagement

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools, with almost 3 billion monthly active users. As an owner of a Facebook business page, it’s important that you not only grow your audience but also encourage them to engage with your posts.

Below are 10 tactics to start implementing today for better results!

           1. Mobile-friendly Content: Facebook reports that 98.5% of users are on mobile devices. This is why the first step in growing your audience and user engagement is making sure that your Page and its content are equipped for mobile use. Keep your posts short and images attention-grabbing!

           2. Be Active: You and your team should be using the Facebook account as much as possible. You must be sharing relevant content to your Page, commenting on posts and in groups, and always responding to customer’s messages in your Inbox.

           3. Timed Posts: Sharing content to boost engagement is key, but so is the timing of when your post goes up. You don’t want to post when your audience is offline. By cross-examining your Page Insights, you can gauge exactly when your audience is most active during the day and schedule your posts accordingly if you aren’t available to post manually.

           4. Hashtags: Trending hashtags are relevant on most social media platforms with Facebook being no exception. However, you don’t want to use them as much as you would on Twitter or Instagram. So keep them to a minimum to avoid upsetting the algorithm, but do not skip out on using them!

           5. “Native” Videos: As with other platforms, video posts receive more views and engagement than photo posts. Facebook algorithm has reported that most favoured on Facebook are the “native” videos. Native videos are ones posted directly onto the Facebook Page as opposed to a link shared to YouTube.

           6. Inviting your Friends: While your posts need to be relevant and interesting, you should also aim for them to be moving. With the amount of content all over Facebook, a post needs to be able to evoke some emotion to get the viewer to pause and respond. Posts that can make the viewer think, smile, or, better yet, laugh are a great way to prompt a reaction.

           7. Join Groups: Getting involved in your Facebook community is a great way to get some eyeballs on your Page and be discovered by people who are interested in your product or service. Once you’ve joined the Facebook group, start posting!

           8. Targeted Ad Campaigns: There are several ways you can run ads, but before you start, come up with a strategy that best suits your business. Strategies include boosted posts that increase engagement, posts with an action button to send users to your website, a promotion of your Page to increase eyeballs and even a local ad that reaches people in the radius of your business location.

           9. Insights for Ad Campaigns: Before spending money on ads, optimise your ad by analysing your Page Insights. The benefit of this is that through this data, you will learn more about what your audience and users like to see most. Insights share with you engagement metrics and the interests and demographics of your audience. This information is key in understanding what to post to increase your engagement.

           10. Invite Friends: If you know people who would be interested in your business, Facebook allows you to invite your friends to like your Page. There’s also an option for them to Share your Page with their network, helping you reach even more people.

Start using these tactics on your Facebook Business Page today to see growth in your audience and an increase in your Page’s engagement. Remember, the most optimal way of using a social media platform for marketing is by following the platform suggestions.

For help with your Facebook marketing strategies and implementation, contact the Digital Age today for a 30-minute free strategy session.