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6 Ways to Increase Blog Content Conversions

One of the best tools in your marketing arsenal is your blog posts. Each time you create and post on your blog, you hope that this post will perform better than the last. To accelerate this process, it is important you incorporate strategies that help you measure your marketing performance and optimise the strategies available to increase content conversion. 

So how can you receive a return on your investment?

Keep reading to find out how you can increase blog content conversions in 6 easy little steps!

      1. Know Your Blog’s KPIs

For each blog post, you can track your key performance indicators to clue you in on what posts and topics interest your audience so you can create more of them. KPIs you should be using are consumption metrics, engagement metrics, and lead generation metrics.

Consumption metrics will tell you where your readers are coming from, for example, email campaigns, social media, and organic traffic. It will also tell you how long your visitor has remained on your post.

Engagement metrics allow you to track your number of blog comments, social media shares and backlinks. Also, you can measure the effectiveness of your posts by how much you are connecting with your readers.

Lead generation metrics are the most critical metric to measure as it indicates whether your leads have turned into sales.

You can also calculate your content downloads, subscriptions, and sale conversions. 

      2. Write For Your Target Audience

The aim is to create content that your target audience wants and needs to read. Your content needs to be crafted specifically with an engaging voice and informative ideas so that your readers will keep coming back to your blog for more.

To gauge an idea of what topics your audience wants to read, visit top-rated pages related to your written topics.. Then, take a look at the comment section on these blog posts.

– What questions are the readers asking?
– What did they find most interesting?
– Were they confused or concerned by anything?

These insights can be used as a guide for creating a post next time.

One of the best strategies is creating a post on the topic and including the information which was not included. This way, you are addressing the needs of your audience and winning the readers over. 

      3. Publish Consistently

To increase your content marketing ROI, publish blog posts consistently. If a reader has just discovered your post and enjoys your content, they will keep coming back to your blog. Imagine their dismay when they return to your blog and find no new post. It is unlikely that the reader will be coming back week after week to check if something new has been posted. Their attention would have gone elsewhere. 

This is why you must publish blog posts consistently to keep your audience engaged and grow your audience. One of the most effective ways to grow an audience is by putting out a predictable streamlining. Also, the more consistently you publish, the more your audience perceives you as a reliable source of knowledge and your creditability and authority is boosted. Building your brands awareness through your posts will help you convert your readers into customers. 

      4. Optimise Your CTAs 

Every single blog post should have a call-to-action, otherwise, it is just a missed opportunity.

Clear CTAs lead to more subscribers, increased conversion rates and return on investment. Your CTAs should motivate action, so keep in mind that you need to make it clear what you want your audience to do.

For example, if you want them to sign up for email campaigns, make sure that you provide that call-to-action. You will typically see posts that ask you to follow or share the content to your social media, this is another great call-to-action. 

CTAs usually appear at the end of the post or on sidebars, but you can also add ones that hover over posts or slide in from the side. You can also use in-line CTA’s such as internal links. Remember that you do not want to overwhelm your reader, but you can include several CTA in a single post. 

      5. Merge Similar Articles

If you have been blogging for a while, chances are that you have at least 2 to 3 old posts written about a similar subject. In this situation, you can increase your ROI by combining the articles into one long post where the reader can access all the information you have provided in one place. You can even return to the old posts and update the link URLs to drive traffic to the new ones.

An excellent tip for boosting ROI is simply updating your old posts. There may be new services, new products available that you can call to action. Your old guides and information could also use a refresher if there have been new emergences in the market. The aim is to provide the most engaging and easily digestible information possible. As a result, you’ll be attracting new traffic and securing new readers. 

      6. Content Across Multiple Channels

Consider using the information in your blog posts in an email campaign. Tweet out some key information in your posts. Write a detailed Instagram caption with a snippet from your article. You can even use your blog post as a script and record a podcast for your audience to listen to. You could also have a video version produced and posted on YouTube. All these different forms of content are easy to make since you have the foundation of your blog post already there.

This is one of the easiest ways to get your brand and your information out there. So make sure you are getting the most of your content. 

So, incorporate these 6 easy elements today to grow your audience’s engagement and convert leads into customers!