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10 Reasons Live Chat Can Help You Grow Your Business in 2021

10 Reasons Live Chat Can Help You Grow Your Business in 2021

If you want to generate a great online presence, have tons of website traffic, and have a high click-through rate, live chat is the “must-have” communication tool.  Live chat allows you or your team to talk to customers in real-time. If chatting with customers isn’t your thing live, chat allows you to engage with customers through a chatbot that responds in real-time to your customers without the need for a representative. 

Here are 10 reasons live chat can help you grow your business

      1. Live Chat is the customers preferred contact channel

More than half of your customers prefer to chat with someone in real-time rather than to pick up the phone and call your company for support. Sending a company an email, searching their social media or forums has taken a back seat when compared to using live chat (which is 42% more popular than the other digital contact methods). Companies have caught on to this preferred communication style and shifted their communication channels to suit the needs and wants of their customers

      2Increase qualified leads 

Every month, you attract tons of leads which makes it challenging for you to identify which of them is a qualified lead. Luckily, the chatbot option can identify them for you. When your customer arrives on your website, the chatbot tool can engage with them in a conversation tailored to the different stage of the buyer’s journey. For example, you can modify the chatbot to ask questions depending on your specific target such as what is your budget
range and where are you located? Chat boats have increased sales by 67% on average.

      3. Convert leads into sales 

Typically, live chat is made available on your high-intent pages which helps you and your team interact with the potential customer and address any questions or concerns they might have. On your high-intent pages such as pricing pages, service pages, product pages, etc, the customer is already halfway hooked and the assistance of a delighted representative at that moment could be the support the customer needs to make their final decision. With live chat, there is no delay between your customer enquiring which product or service is best for them and in real-time providing an answer. This is how live chat helps turn your lead into a sale. 

      4. Fast track the sales cycle 

In this society, we value efficiency over almost anything else and what could be better than instant responses to inquiries? Live chat fast tracks the sales cycle of the business by providing personalised service to the customer as soon as they enter your website. A live chat conversation results in a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate.

      5. 24/7 customer service with chatbots

Customers are looking for a real-time response. We understand you might not have live agents 24/7 and this is where your chatbot comes in to save the day. The chatbot can provide your website visitors with support even after closing hours by using the automation tool when you’re offline. When Jimmy has a question about your product features at 3 am, the chatbot can assist him by providing the FAQs response to each question and even capture Jimmy’s contact information so your team can reach out the next day when you’re back online to further assist Jimmy if the FAQs didn’t cut it.

      6. Personalise your customer’s experience and help them make decisions 

You can personalise your customers experience by creating a chatbot flow. This means that product and content recommendations are provided to the customer based on their recent activity, search history, demographics, product preferences, etc. The chatbot can make these persuasive recommendations to the customer and assist them with their decision making by showing them exactly what they’d like! This approach can also be used to promote your sales, discounts, and other incentives you use to influence customers purchase decisions. 

      7. Boost your customer’s satisfaction rates and increase your competitive advantage

No one likes waiting, so your quick response is going to make your customer very happy. The longer you make a customer wait the more likely it is your customer will look to your competitors. Incorporating live chats and utilising the chatbot option can prevent this from happening and keep your customers satisfied with your prompt response time. 

      8.Get website visitors to opt-in for SMS and email updates 

Customers that are engaging with your live chat have an interest in your business and therefore it only makes sense to invite them to sign up for marketing updates via all your other communication channels. Live chat should be used to prompt the customers towards your relevant marketing campaigns, so they never miss a thing! 

      9. Keep leads engaged even after leaving your website 

Customers tend to like to keep in touch with businesses on multiple platforms so it’s important to not lose track of the context of your previous interaction with a customer if they suddenly switch from email to live chat. Remember, to your customer you are one brand, one entity so they expect a flow in conversation.

      10. Live chat is cost-effective

With live chat, your team is handling multiple conversations simultaneously and therefore, no need to hire more chat representatives! Live chat also increases the average order value as the customer is receiving advice about the product or services, which in turn decreases the chance of a customer returning a product or ceasing a service.

It’s a smart play to add a well-built live chat communication tool to your website now and enjoy the growth in converting new eyes into new customers.